About Us

What does "Living it" mean?

Living it is a resource center where youth leaders of all kinds can find encouragement and support for working with public high school students. This site is all about people getting connected to Jesus and Living it with Him every day, everywhere.

The big idea behind Living it is to “go” vs. “draw.” Instead of trying to create bigger and more dramatic programs to draw kids to our churches—go out and meet them in the middle of their lives and walk beside them, demonstrating God’s love for them and showing them how to truly live their faith in the real world. Church attendance is critically important for faith development, but we also need to help teens de-compartmentalize their faith and live for Jesus outside of church.

If we can help teens to live their faith where they spend most of their time—outside the four walls of church—they will grow up to be adults who will be Living it more effectively in the workplace, at the gym and anywhere their future life might take them. This is the very essence of the great gospel commission and if we could all learn to Live it effectively through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus could work through this generation to turn the world upside down for His Kingdom!

Living it is sponsored by the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist church and is designed to reach the (approximately) 70% of Adventist youth that attend public schools. Even though this ministry is targeted towards public high school students the ideas and principals presented are also effective in reaching students attending Christian schools. And even though this ministry is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church, it is gospel oriented and thus is a great resource for Christians of all denominations.


Finally, this site will only flourish as people like you contribute your stories and ideas. Contact us to submit your videos, devotional ideas and other tips.

Thanks for joining us on the journey to living life with Jesus more effectively than ever before!

Terry Wood
NAD Youth Ministries Director

Armando Miranda Jr
NAD Youth Ministries Associate Director

Scott Ward
Asst. Prof of Discipleship/Religious Ed. Seventh-day Adventist Seminary