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Just spent the weekend in Chicago introducing Living it’s latest outreach idea called, The Angel 1 Project. I was asked to present the details of the Project at the Lake Union Conference Youth Evangelism Congress, “Called to Serve.” 300 delegates from the upper midwest were gathered there to learn about ideas and ministries that they could take home to share as outreach programs in their local areas.

It was amazing to see academy and public high school youth getting excited about the potential of the Angel 1 Project to help them learn to share the everlasting gospel of the first angel of Revelation 14 with unchurched high school students back home. The first 50 Angel 1 Witness Packs went out to these excited youth and their mentors—I can’t wait to hear how God blesses their efforts!

You can check out this new ministry opportunity at All the resources are posted online for anyone to read for free. There are basically 10 leaflets and 2 booklets designed to share with youth and young adults you meet out in public. The bottom of the boxed Witness Pack has a survey you can use to start the conversation and then when you have identified a possible interest in the person you are talking to you open the box and pull out a leaflet or booklet that you think may interest them and then let them know that they can go to the Angel 1 website to read all the other leaflets and booklets that they didn’t receive. Here is a copy of the instruction sheet that goes with the kit to give you an idea of how this sidewalk evangelism initiative is designed to work: 


Instructions for Greatest Impact

Welcome to the Angel 1 Witness Pack. Please read over the following brief informational items so that you can enjoy sharing the gospel as fully as possible!

  1. The booklets and leaflets included in this witness pack are not intended for random mass distribution. The goal is not to see who can empty their box first.
  2. The goal of the Angel 1 witnessing approach is to get into meaningful conversations that help lead individuals into a greater awareness of the need to commit themselves more fully to Jesus and a personal relationship with Him.
  3. Always go in groups of at least 2-3. Wear Angel 1 t-shirts if possible. Please read over the “How to” link on the “Gospel” page in the “Answers” section of the site for more details including information on how to witness safely. This is very important.
  4. Try to identify places youth and young adults frequent and plan to go back there regularly so that you have the opportunity to develop relationships with individuals over time. Consider the sidewalks around a high school or college where you can get into conversations with students as they get out of class for the day or perhaps near a shopping mall.
  5. The conversation begins with the survey printed on the bottom of the box. Be sure to introduce yourself first and also be sure to have read over all the booklets and leaflets before going out witnessing so that as your survey conversations develop you know which booklet or leaflet to pull out of the box and share.
  6. Only share one leaflet/booklet/wristband if there is a strong interest from the person you are talking with. Be sure to let them know they can read all the other booklets and leaflets on the website for free. Also, let them know there are video testimonies and other resources available on the site.
  7. The Angel 1 website does not include everything a person needs to know to get baptized and join a church. The Angel 1 site is a gospel entering wedge for initially leading people to Jesus and a relationship with Him. The goal of the Angel 1 approach is to help you get to know people, introduce them to Jesus and then to invite them to your local church or youth group where you can follow-up with personal Bible studies later as your discipling relationship grows. The goal is always for you to remain a part of the discipling process. There will, of course, be many one time conversations—but you will have the greatest impact via ongoing relationships and connections to your church or group.
  8. Pray without ceasing before, during and after every witnessing outing—it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that gives success!

Read through everything online and if you would like to help pilot this project contact me through the contact section and I’ll get you set up! Be sure to read the “Light” booklet first and follow the simple instructions on how to develop your own 2-3 minute gospel presentation to share with people you meet as well.

May God bless you as you get out there “Living it” for Him!


Pastor Scott Ward

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Scott R. Ward is a husband and father of two daughters and a son. Scott is also a Youth Pastor and the Public High School Ministries Coordinator for the NAD. Scott loves helping people learn to nurture their devotional lives and challenging them reach out to the world around them by Living their faith. Scott’s first book on the devotional life, Authentic: Committed for Life, is due out August 2012 from Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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